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Mizu Manju“CRYSTAL”クリスタル

These Mizu Manjus(Water Manju) are
made with a mystical jewel
as a fundamental idea.
They are carefully finished with high-quality,
flavourful red bean paste and cream.
Cool to the eyes and
a perfect accompaniment to tea,
and they will be well appreciated as a gift.
Each of the 12 pieces has a different flavour,
and each time you eat it,
a new taste opens up in your mouth.
A gem from Niigata, created by
a master of Japanese confectionery
with all his heart.

  • Smooth sweet bean paste

    Mizu ManjuSmooth sweet bean paste

    Fresh cream is stuffed inside smooth sweet bean paste.
    Size: 40g

  • Brown sugar syrup and roasted soybean flour

    Mizu ManjuBrown sugar syrup and roasted soybean flour

    Indispensable for Japanese summer confectionery, Harmony of Brown sugar syrup and roasted soybean flour.
    Size: 40g

  • FUJI apple cream

    Mizu ManjuFUJI apple cream

    It is stuffed with refreshing cream with crisp flesh of fuji apple.
    Size: 40g

  • Mango

    Mizu ManjuMango

    Fresh cream is stuffed inside mango flavoured paste.
    Size: 40g

  • Plum

    Mizu ManjuPlum

    Fresh cream is stuffed inside plum flavoured paste.
    Size: 40g

  • Cafe Au Lait

    Mizu ManjuCafe Au Lait

    Fresh cream is stuffed inside coffee flavoured paste.
    Size: 40g

  • Blueberry

    Mizu ManjuBlueberry

    Fresh cream is stuffed inside blueberry flavoured paste.
    Size: 40g

  • Strawberry milk

    Mizu ManjuStrawberry milk

    Condensed milk is stuffed inside strawberry flavoured paste.
    Size: 40g

  • Red sweet potato

    Mizu ManjuRed sweet potato

    Fresh cream is stuffed inside purple sweet potato flavoured paste.
    Size: 40g

  • Soy milk

    Mizu ManjuSoy milk

    Soy milk flavoured flour paste is stuffed inside outer mochi dough which is flavoured with soya milk.
    Size: 40g

  • Matcha

    Mizu ManjuMatcha

    The Matcha bean paste made with flavourful white bean paste from Hokkaido and plenty of high-quality Uji matcha.
    Size: 40g

  • Chestnut

    Mizu ManjuChestnut

    Fresh cream is stuffed inside chestnut flavoured paste.
    Size: 40g

Daifuku Mochi大福もち

Smooth and refined.
A very popular Mochi(sticky rice cake) series
with just the right amount of sweetness.
The price is very reasonable,
so all of them are perfect for small souvenirs.
You can enjoy various flavours
from the standard daifukus.

  • Black bean salt daifuku

    Daifuku MochiBlack bean salt daifuku

    Black beans of Hokkaido, Nuchimasu salt of Okinawa, Azuki beans of Hokkaido and Japanese domestic glutinous rice flour are used.
    Size: 80g

  • とち大福

    Daifuku MochiYomogi(Japanese mugwort) daifuku

    Azuki beans of Hokkaido, Japanese domestic mugwort and Japanese domestic glutinous rice flour are used.
    Size: 80g

  • Conker daifuku

    Daifuku MochiConker daifuku

    Azuki beans of Hokkaido, Conker paste and Japanese domestic glutinous rice flour are used.
    Size: 80g

Warabi mochiわらびもち

Pairing of Brown
Sugar Warabi Mochi(bracken starch jelly) and Ginger.

Add the squeezed juice of the ginger to
vanilla ice cream and knead well.
Then refreeze the smooth ice cream.
Serve with brown sugar warabi mochi.
The remaining ginger juice
can be added to the sugar
and sprinkled over the ice cream to enjoy
the harmony of the ice cream
and the candy as well.

Bamboo Custard flavor笹カスタード

Each water manju is carefully rolled
in bamboo leaves.
The elegant fragrance of the bamboo leaves
gives the product a nostalgic feel.
Please enjoy the dough of the mizu manju’s
soft jiggliness and the custard-flavour’s
gooey texture.

Kuromitsu warabi mochi黒蜜わらび団子

Focusing on appropriate sticky texture,
and with carefully selected raw materials,
the Warabi dango(bracken jelly dumplings) are made
with a melt-in-your-mouth texture
and refined sweetness of brown sugar.
The dumplings have a soft and chewy texture
and melt-in-your-mouth smoothness.
It is a perfect Japanese tea cake.

School lunch学校給食

Wishing for the healthy development
of children, we prepare daily school lunches
using seasonal ingredients.
The children are the future
of the local community and of Japan,
so we are making every effort to make
the food safe, secure and tasty every day.


To bring out the natural sweetness
and the chewy sticky texture of glutinous rice,
we are using carefully chosen ingredients
from the four seasons, and the rice is slowly
and carefully steamed by our craftsmen.
It is a nostalgic taste of home which makes
you feel glad to be Japanese,