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Abundant nature,
history and culture shine through
here in Nagaoka.

Iwasaki Co., LtdIwasaki Co., Ltd
750-10 Inaho 4-chome, Nagaoka, Niigata 940-0877, Japan
tel +081-258-25-2388
fax +081-258-25-3500

In this city,
where culture lives on,
we will continue to deliver
safe and secure products.

Company Profile

Company Name Iwasaki Co., Ltd
Foundation February 1975
Established July 1976
Capital ¥28million
Mika Iwasaki Representative Director
Business Details Frozen Japanese confectionery manufacturing and other (food manufacturing)
Main Products Sasa-dango, Chimaki, Daifuku, Frozen Japanese confectionery, Rice cakes, School lunch foods, Frozen Osechi(Japanese New Year period’s meal).
Head Office 750-10 Inaho 4-chome, Nagaoka, Niigata 940-0877, Japan
tel +081-258-84-7863 fax +081-258-84-7749
Second Factory 1891-1 Shimogejomachi, Nagaoka, Niigata 940-0877, Japan
tel +081-258-25-2388 fax +081-258-25-3500
Bank THE TAIKO BANK,LTD., The Hokuetsu Bank, Ltd., The Daishi Bank, Ltd.
All Japan Association of Confectionary Manufacturers(Member of Nagaoka branch)
Niigata Food Hygiene Association(Special Member)
Authentication JSAJABISO22000:2005
Scope of registration:
  ①Production and storage of frozen Japanese confectionery
  ②Assorted Osechi dishes and frozen processing

Food Safety Policy

Since we are facing a period of major change in recent years, like change in customer preferences and internationalisation of food, Iwasaki Co., Ltd has established a food safety management system to ensure that customers can eat our products with peace of mind.

  • We promote compliance with food safety laws and regulatory requirements, as well as quality and food safety requirements.
  • We incorporate customer requirements for product safety and reflect them in our manufacturing processes and working environment.
  • We will disseminate the necessary information on the establishment, operation and review of food safety management systems internally and to the related companies by appropriate communication activities.
  • Food safety training is provided to all employees to raise awareness of food safety.
  • We make our food policy known to all employees and disclose it to external parties on request.
  • Food defence measures are taken to protect against intentional food contamination by unauthorised persons.
  • In order to prevent health hazards for customers, we work on not only food safety and risk management, but also on counter false labeling and food fraud measures during the process.

4th February 2020
Mika Iwasaki President and Representative Director
Iwasaki Co., Ltd.