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Well seasoned artisans
wrapping them one by one
with care and sincerity

Iwasaki has been making Sasa Dango(sweet rice dumpling wrapped in bamboo leaf) and Daifuku (sticky rice cake filled with sweet bean paste) using carefully selected rice as the main ingredient since the company was founded.

The bamboo leaves used to make the Sasa Dango is sourced from Niigata, and our craftsmen carefully roll and wrap each dumpling individually with bamboo leaves and sedge. We also work hard every day to develop our products incorporating the food preferences of modern people.


Safe and reassured production
facilities and flash-freezing
to lock in the taste.

To ensure that our products are safe to eat, we are working on creating a system for various product development, manufacturing, packaging, shipping, delivery and other production processes. As well as air-conditioning and sterilisation equipment, we have strict hygiene controls, such as double hats to prevent hair and other foreign substances from entering our products.

As well as hygienic facilities, Iwasaki is also particular about the pursuit of 'taste'. Tunnel freezers are used to flash-freeze the products while maintaining its freshness for locking in the freshly prepared taste. The freshness is maintained even after thawing, so customers can always enjoy the same great taste.